Nerdy Maternity Tees


There seem to be two types of maternity clothes styles: cover it up or scream it out loud. While ‘cover it up’ is probably appropriate most of the time, if we cared about appropriate we wouldn’t plunk down our hard earned cash on things like Batman wallets or Star Trek undies.

Seriously, if we cared about being appropriate all the time, what kind of nerds would we be? No one in a plain hoodie and yoga pants ever got their picture taken at ComicCon.

During your (or your partner’s) pregnancy, it’s pretty important to hang on to the things that make you you. That kid is going to push you to the very limits of your humanity and back, but he can’t take your love for Dr. Who away from you.

We’ve rounded up a few awesome tees that can help add a little fun and personality to the weirdest (and most amazing) figure you’ll probably ever have.

If you’re of an age that you remember MC Hammer blowing up your cable TV screen on MTV back when they actually played videos, then you won’t mind stealing his catch phrase to remind people that touching your belly is a little weird, even especially now that it’s enormous.


When you’re pregnant, your body doesn’t really belong to you anymore, does it? If you’re feeling a little like Krang, we totally understand.


ThinkGeek, we too appreciate the phrase “officially licensed Walking Dead maternity apparel.” If you think of your baby whenever Daryl talks about “Lil’ ass kicker,” then you’ve found yourself the perfect maternity tee.


Of course, that kid isn’t the only ass-kicker around here. Where would he be without his ass-kicking mommy? If she takes on the horrors of pregnancy like a virginal protagonist in a scary movie, this skeleton fetus may just make her smile.


Your kid is taking the ultimate time traveling journey in his own little personal TARDIS, so he’s definitely earned the in utero title of Baby Who.


In Firefly, Blue Sun Corporation controlled everything. Sound like any fetuses you know?


Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I’ve gained a few super powers. It’s true.

I can grow my nails and hair like twice as fast as I could before. Maybe even three times as fast.

My super hearing keeps my awake at night. A dripping sink downstairs? The fan fluctuating speeds ever so slightly? A cat snoring down the street? I can hear it all.

My super smell tells me if there is burning toast or sickly sweet barbeque cooking anywhere in the neighborhood, which are followed quickly by my maternal super nausea.

But those are nothing compared to my most effective super power: growing people. I can make a person in my abdomen. Let’s see you do that, Spidey.





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