Nerdy Nappies: Not Your Mom’s Cloth Diapers

If you’ve ever opened a diaper and wondered how such a huge noxious turd can come out of such a perfect tiny thing, you’re most certainly not alone. “Why would you do this to me, Baby? All I do is love you!” You might scream to the little human who seems just a teensy bit too pleased with himself over the steaming pile he just dropped.

There’s nothing more ancient than the ritual of cleaning up the things that come out of babies. What could be more simple and natural than wrapping something around your kid to grab that poo before it hits the floor, bed, kitchen counter or white sofa? Diapers are diapers, right?

Wrong. Just like the tech and fashion industries, the diaper sector has come a long way since your parents were in diapers. When I say “cloth diaper,” what comes to mind? If you have images of white squares of fabric dancing in your head, it’s time to revise.

A few weeks ago, I was just like you. When my friend told me she wanted to go cloth for her first baby, I thought it was one of those new mommy things that she’d probably grow out of. “No,” she explained. “There are snaps, and liners, and it’s not what you think.”

She was right. While most of us were busy watching cartoon characters sell plastic diapers on TV, the cloth diaper was evolving into something practical, economical and really freakin’ cute.

Here’s a video on how to become a cloth diaper household.

One of the biggest surprises I came across when looking for cloth diapers for my friend was how super duper adorable they are now. You know that feeling you get when you pick out the perfect onesie? That’s how I felt when I found a bumGenius cloth diaper with math problems on it. That kid’s gonna be just as smart as his mamma!


So, as always, to find the cutest of the cute in nerd baby fashion, we’re going to need to take this to Etsy.


Crafty diaper maker MamaBearBabyWear has a few great items for sale, like diapers made from upcycled T-Shirts.


Because we know just how much you guys love Doctor Who, here’s a Tardis cloth diaper with swirls from MommySoup. It’s Peter Capaldi approved (not really).


If you’re convinced that your kid has magical poo-producing powers, he may just be a wizard. Make sure everyone else is fairly warned with this Harry Potter cloth pocket diaper by LittleButtDiapers. This seller also has Star Wars cloth diapers inspired by Chewy, R2-D2 and Darth Vader. The Chewbacca one is even soft and fuzzy.


And what else? What else, you ask? LittleButtDiapers also makes a Batman diaper with a detachable cape. Where’s your cape, plastic diaper?

If you’re thinking this is one of those things you could take on yourself, GotLuxSnaps sells snaps and pliers for applying them on cool DIY baby creations like bibs and cloth diapers. Go grab your own nostalgic fabric and old t-shirts and whip yourself up a few fantastic, eco-friendly and comfy cloth diapers with this pdf pattern from SewMeAGarden or any number of free online resources like this pinterest board.


Not finding exactly what you like? When it comes to cloth diapers, it’s ok to be picky – you’re going to be looking at them for a long time. Customizing your own design onto the diaper really doesn’t cost that much more than buying a premade one. Try a site like Rumkinz to create the perfect diapers.

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