Nerdy ‘Night Before Christmas’


My grandma used to read “The Night Before Christmas” to me a few times every holiday season, usually at my impetuous demand. We both loved it, and I can still hear her voice reading it. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. It’s even been said that the poem by Clement Clarke Moore (which was originally called “A Visit from St. Nicholas”) is “arguably the best known verses ever written by an American.”

Of course, such a traditional Christmas staple wouldn’t be complete without the nerd treatment. Check out these awesome renditions of the poem that brings us right back to our childhood.

First, we should begin at the beginning: a fantastic reading of the original by one of our nerd heroes, LaVar Burton. If you don’t know him from Reading Rainbow, then of course you know him from Star Trek TNG.

Who says you have to choose a side? Just to add a little balance to the galaxy, here’s a Star Wars rendition of The Night Before Christmas”:

Film buffs will appreciate this silent version released by the Thomas Edison’s production company in 1908.

And of course, how could we go without linking the Night Before Christmas from Felicia Day’s “The Guild”? Always a gamer’s classic.

For all you comic nerds out there, here’s a great one featuring Batman.

It’s always tough to define what makes someone a nerd. Here at Nerdy With Children, we think that if you love something enough to rewrite the words to a ‘Night Before Christmas’ to honor it, wear it on a t-shirt, buy DVDs of it to show your kids, carry it around on your coffee cup or make it out of LEGO’s, it’s pretty safe to say you’re a nerd.

We might be pretty serious about the silly things in life, but it’s essential to celebrate the the things that make us all a little different. In doing so, we realize that we’re not alone.

We hope 2014 brings you more of whatever it is that makes you and your family geek out.

Happy Holidays!




Tardis header image via Sonic Biro

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