Nerdy Raingear For Little Superheroes

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Regardless of what you think about the choice to cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, or what you thought of Man of Steel, I’m sure we call all agree that the following superhero raingear is the perfect thing in which to dress your toddler during the upcoming rainy season.

Allow your toddler to splash in puddles while exclaiming, “I’m Batman,” while wearing this Batman raincoat. Can you think of anything that could be more fun?

Batman Raincoat

Perhaps your toddler wants to be a bird… no, a plane… no, Superman! Well, if Batman isn’t their thing, they can be Superman with this raincoat.

Superman Raincoat

Both coats are available in sizes 2T-7.

For the days when your little one wants to run around only wearing a cape – because, who doesn’t, right? – the cape on both of these coats is detachable. Both also have glow-in-the-dark logos, which helps with visibility on those darker, rainier days. To sweeten the deal, these coats aren’t your typical, plain plastic coat. They have a moisture absorbent liner, which will also help keep the chill away.

To complete the ensemble, you can purchase the matching Batman and Superman umbrellas, and matching Batman and Superman rain boots.


  1. Matthew

    I so want those as an adult! Gonna recommend for my nieces and Nephews since my minion is too big for the already. :1)

  2. HA! That’s awesome 😀 Wonder if they come in my son’s size, although I’d prolly never get him to wear it. Would still be fun to have hanging around the house 😉

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