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NES Controller Change Purse / Cash Wallet

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For those who were lucky enough to be born before all those fancy-shmancy gaming systems were in 3D, vibrated, and contained motion sensing radioactive sensors, there was the NES. This hard-boiled, rough ‘n’ tumble system was for the O.G. gamers. Surely everyone remembers the 8-bit graphics, blowing on cartridges in fury and, of course, those awesome rectangular controllers. Well gee golly wiz, looks like someone took those controllers we love so dearly and turned them into a change purse. It’s the coolest thing since beating Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat!

This thrifty little piece of 90’s memorabilia is held together with high-octane neodymium magnets, is lined with velvet, and is the perfect size for your nerdling to store all the bank they got from grandma. Or your little one can store exciting things such as: hard candy (also from grannie, natch), miniature plastic farm animals, lip balm, bus passes, maybe even locks of a loved one’s hair? Just kidding, that’d be weird.

This is for those kids out there who are ready to responsible with their money, who shouldn’t be whipping out a black leather wallet like a forty-year old lawyer. The NES Change Purse/Cash Wallet is made from real refurbished NES controllers, albeit they’re hand-washed and cleaned, so some of them may show more love than others, but hey, that’s a small price to pay for being the coolest kid on the block, cul-de-sac, or apartment complex.

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