New LEGO BOOK Gets Medieval


LEGOs, just about every person I know has, at one time in their life, played with these colorful simple interlocking blocks. People have been building automobiles, spaceships, monsters and even castles for over 60 years. Like many of you, I still have my LEGOs that I had as a child. An heirloom ready to hand down to my son when he is old enough to responsively open the door to his imagination. In our garage sits an assortment of the plastic pieces ranging from pirates to knights and wizards. I fondly remember the good old days of constructing a giant castle only to have to eventually disassemble it before my parents devoured it with the vacuum cleaner. When I received a hardbound book in the mail from No Starch Press, known for their high quality LEGO books, I just assumed it was blueprints for new designs, but instead it’s a brief history of one of the most romanticized time periods in human history. Titled, Medieval LEGO, I became ecstatic upon discovering this 123-page book offers historical descriptions partnered with photos of epic scenes created out of LEGOS.


This edition covers the time period between 1028 to 1485, starting with William The Conqueror and concluding at the fatal defeat of King Richard. Written by historical scholars, the book serves as a fantastic adventure for your family through the Middle Ages. Filled with wonderful photos depicting battle scenes, plagues, prestigious weddings and intrigue. Including events such as the signing of the Magna Carta, Robin Hood, the battle of Agincourt, among many others. I especially love how the entries are written simply enough for elementary children to understand, but detailed enough for an adult who tends to shy away from history. I would have absolutely adored this book as a child.


No Starch Press is the same publisher that introduced children to science fiction via their book LEGO Space. In my humble opinion, all their LEGO books are awesome. Filled with accurate information, spectacular photos, and creative ideas, LEGO Medieval is a wonderful addition to my personal bookshelf. Make sure you LEGO maniacs grab your copy today.

You can purchase LEGO Medieval over at No Starch Press.

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