New ‘Village’ and ‘Nether’ Minecraft LEGO Sets Bring Pixels to Life


Is it life imitating art, or art imitating art? Whatever you call it, the LEGO-like block-by-block building style in the phenomenal open world game Minecraft has come full circle. You can now build your own “pixelated” Minecraft world in the meatspace with the hugely popular original Minecraft LEGO set and two brand new sets releasing on September 1, 2013.


The original set, simply called “Minecraft Microworld,” has been sold out on many online retail outlets for months. The official LEGO store has a strict limit of two per customer due to “overwhelming demand.” In the small Canadian time-standing-still old town where I live, there’s a sandwich board on the sidewalk outside the little toy store on main street that reads “we have Minecraft LEGOs!!!”

LEGOMINECRAFTI’m going to go ahead and put my money on this being a very hot Christmas toy, as it appears LEGO already has. They’ve gone ahead and created two more Minecraft sets and scheduled them to release in time for the holiday season.

There are a few key differences to note when comparing the Minecraft LEGO sets to classic LEGOs. First, there aren’t any minifigs. Instead, there are “Micromobs,” which are mostly constructed with the 1×1 tiles that have been specially comissioned for these sets. The sets themselves are built using a combination of classic LEGOs and 1×1 flat tiles to help them look more Minecrafty.


With The Village, you can construct a happy little group of houses and populate them with the Pig and Villager Micromobs. They’ll be safe from the included Zombie Micromob as long as you let them.


With The Nether building kit, you’ll be able to build your own Netherrack, gravel blocks, and lava blocks. The included Micromobs are two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman complete with sword (oh no, what happened in The Village?)

If you want to add a few of your own custom Micromobs and don’t mind breaking up your sets for extra pieces, just grab some paint. Here’s a video created by MGF Customs showing off a few creative additional Micromob creations:

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