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New York Dolls Onesie

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Before Dexter Poindexter was a laughable pseudonym in 1980’s rock, David Johansen was a glam rockin’ icon of massive proportions. The New York Dolls frontman and all-around New York City bad boy, along with the rest of the Dolls, set the lavish punk rock tone in the early 1970’s that influenced everyone from The Sex Pistols to Morrissey, and gave 80’s hair metal weirdoes a platform in which to dress like women while feeling cool and comfortable.

To celebrate that androgynous time period in rock music history, older fans who grew up with the New York Dolls, and younger peeps who discovered them, present the kiddos with a piece of punk rock apparel they can sport on their tiny selves that will make you proud and boastful simultaneously.

The New York Dolls Kids Onesie, with the famous cowgirl logo fashioned on the front, is a 100% cotton piece for lil’ punks up to 18 months of age. What better way to to start an awesome collection of musically-themed outfits for your little one than with The Dolls? Despite your little ball of cute baby-ness not understanding what “Trash” or “Personality Crisis” actually is, they’ll appreciate the photos of themselves as tots when they attempt to prove that they were, in fact, a naturally born punk.


  1. IpswichWitch

    when is the buster poindexter onesie gonna get a revoiew?

  2. Blue37

    This is AWESOME 🙂 !!!

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