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Nicholas by Rene Goscinny

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Reading American novels is so passé, right? Then why not consider introducing your little bookworm to a French tale that’s been around since the 50’s, because, after all, the 50’s was the coolest decade (so our parents tell us), filled with Hollywood glamour and “hep” music.

Nicholas is the book. A bestseller since its 1959 publication, it tells a number of tales concerning the titular Nicholas, a devilish French schoolboy. Always landing in trouble (sound like one of your kids?), Nicholas and his schoolmates go on a number of adventures that include both mischief and loads of humor (high-brow humor, of course—it is a French novel after all).

Oh, and did we mention the author of Nicholas is also the co-creator of the one and only Asterix the Gaul? Pretty cool if you ask us. The book also features lively and creative artwork by a New Yorker cartoonist, so you know the kids are in for a treat (you, too).

If this hasn’t sold you yet, what about a Kirkus review of the book that said the “whimsical mini-adventures will captivate readers”—yup, that was written in a Kirkus review. And we all know how harsh those reviewers can be (authors would rather drink hemlock than suffer a bad review from Kirkus).

So go ahead. Pick this one up and give it to your curious kid (ages 9 – 12) and watch as they giggle and gasp to the text of Goscinny.

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