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Nighttime Nuzzle Print

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Hipster foxes in love? 1920s dandy fox meets Audrey Hepburn fox in a Parisian rainstorm?

Add whatever adult interpretation to Fuzzy Ink’s Nighttime Nuzzle Print you want, the fact remains this is a gorgeous, anti-pink, anti-baby blue print to hang in your child’s bedroom or nursery. The 18×24 cover stock paper illustration highlights a romantic day in the life of a character otherwise depicted in children’s books as a no-good badass: the fox. Proving that even the meanest of characters deserves love (as well as suspenders, a cane, top hat, ballet slippers, and awesome cropped pants), two stylish foxes cavort on a park bench in the rain while a curious little bird hangs out above their heads holding an umbrella. Oh, and what is that above Mr. Fox’s lip? Why, yes, that is a suave mustache you see — each of Fuzzy Ink’s prints, T-shirts, and accessories pays homage to the ‘stache.

Not only are the print’s navy, orange, and white shades a refreshing change to the pastel palette commonly found in children’s artwork, the colors cross stereotypical gender color boundaries (as silly as they are), which adds to the picture’s diverse appeal. What else is there to love about this print? Let’s take a closer look. Mr. Fox is barefoot, and despite the drizzle, neither fox suffers from sopping, unattractive fur. Perhaps the illustration has captured the second prior to when rain hits their well-coiffed heads and mustache and their smiles turn to frowns? Who can say for sure?

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