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Nightwing Symbol T-Shirt

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There comes a point in every child’s life where he/she must break free from the tutelage of a childhood mentor and strike out to make a mark upon the world. Such coming-of-age stories are so pervasive that we may be tempted to take them for granted, but in doing so we risk ignoring the importance of these narratives in our culture and what they say about how each of us grows into our own identity and sense of self.

Enter Nightwing, known by most as Dick Grayson, the Boy Wonder. Whether you follow the Pre- or Post-Crisis story, the Nightwing name and identity are Kryptonian in origin, being either a vigilante alter-ego for Superman or an ancient Kryptonian hero. This combination makes Grayson’s Nightwing more than a simple reinvention of the Robin character following his break up with Batman; his alter-ego is a deliberate recombination of themes from both his apprenticeship and admiration of Superman. This seeking out of new influences and continued growth beyond his education are hallmarks of a great coming of age story, in which the student eventually out grows the master.

Celebrate this iconic character while encouraging your children to push the boundaries of their own education with the Nightwing Symbol T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton and available in youth sizes, this logo makes a great addition to any budding comic reader’s wardrobe.

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