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Nintendo 3DS

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Who doesn’t remember the days of playing Tetris on the original Gameboy? Hours and hours of pixel stacking action. As kids we carried that handheld everywhere we went. Well, everywhere except the dinner table. Mom and dad would make sure that you didn’t forget it on long road trips. They even bought you the special light accessory to play in the dark. Don’t be fooled, they did this, so you would stop asking stupid questions like, “Are we there yet?”, “When are we going to stop for the bathroom?”.

Lucky for you, Nintendo is still around producing fantastic handheld portable devices, like the 3DS. Now that you’re the parent you can load your child up on Ritalin, pop a 3DS in their hands and drive on into the sunset. The 3DS utilizes some pretty sweet 3d graphics that can be turned on or off depending on the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed. Don’t worry you can still play the regular DS games along with some classic titles via download on the virtual console. You’ll probably want to purchase two of them, so you and little Tommy don’t come to blows about whose turn it is.

Of course the 3DS isn’t completely new. When we were young we had the Virtual Boy. Here’s the ad to help you remember.

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