Nirvana and Beatles Garb for Your Little Rocker


To call Nirvana a band that only spoke to Generation X is pretty ridiculous. When people say that, it’s annoying to many of us who are fans. The reason: When it comes to Nirvana, they’re a band that anyone can enjoy — not just alienated youth with parents who didn’t or don’t understand. Though many of us who were of that generation felt, and probably still feel, that their music belongs to us, they belong to everyone.

Nirvana – or really any band for that matter – needn’t be so exclusive. Because with exclusivity, we the people who never desired to be alienated youth end up alienating other people, which – if I’m correct –  is the definition of irony. So teach your child how to live a life free of ugly irony while becoming little individuals who will grow up to be big individuals. Opening them up to the world of Nirvana is a great start. Crank up “Bleach” and get to rocking.


Oh, and have your little one try on this Kurt Cobain Kids Dress as a wonderful introduction to the grunge movement, itself. If nothing else, you’ll be instilling a great sense of fashion. An exclusive item made from organic materials from the faraway land of Sweden, the Kurt Cobain Kids Dress is an orange piece of grunge memorabilia plastered with an eco-print of Kurt’s face that’s downright beautiful and dreamy (oops – totally steering away from the point here) and representative of the greatest musical mastermind that music has ever known this side of Lennon and McCartney. It’s also eco-friendly and completely one-of-a-kind: two traits that should inspire.

And speaking of the Beatles, the good people over at have created a tee that combines the Beatles and one of the best video game consoles available. The Let It Bii Beatles Nintendo Wii Funny T-Shirt is a hands-across-the-universe piece of Beatlemania garb.


The screen-printed Let It Be album cover is featured on the front of the shirt, Nintendo Wii-style, and comes in a black heavy-weight 6 oz cotton tee that doesn’t fear the washing machine. This particular kids shirt is also made for big peoples, too.

Pick up the Kurt Cobain Kids Dress at Urban Baby Runway.

The Beatles Let It Bii T-shirt is available through Nerdy Shirts.

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