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Nirvana Tee

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My obsession with Kurt Cobain and the “Bleach Boys” began at 13 upon the discovery of Nevermind on my brother’s bedroom floor. After that it got a tinge worse by 17 when I submerged myself into punk, died down by 24, and by 26 became something I appreciated more than obsessed over. So it’s taken some time to overcome the impact that Nirvana had on my life–yet–I’ve come to accept that perhaps I never will.

The appeal of Nirvana attracted the senses of the anti-social; an almost perfume-like quality for those who never fit in. It was musical freedom that lent to an acceptance and a realization that to be different was a really amazing thing and popularity meant nothing, except to those who wanted it; we call these people sheep, and your toddler will never be one of these people. A Nirvana shirt like this one is a brilliant way to prove that.

Depicting an image of Kurt, Chris, and Dave, this American Apparel shirt comes in a variety of different colors (not just black, for once) and sizes/styles, but only one real message: despite the ending of Nirvana, their legacy will remain intact as long as new generations keep listening and parents keep them aware by slapping a Kurt Cobain shirt on their future Nirvana lovers and playing them Unplugged in New York every other day.

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