Nite Ize Spokelit Spoke Lights Make Bike Safety Cool


My kid isn’t old enough for night bike rides just yet. But the time is coming soon, and when we embark on our first after-dark ride, I’ll want that beautiful child to be well lit. We’ve got head lights and a flashing tail light for her, so from in front and from behind, she will be seen. She wears her helmet (almost) religiously, and we have those little slap-on wrist and ankle reflectors.

So I think she’s going to be pretty safe. But I feel further obligated to ensure her safety since my wife was a state employed child safety educator for many years. She installed baby car seats for the general public and dressed up as Buckle Bear to promote seat belt safety. And she heavily promoted bike safety with bicycle rodeos in schools and on television news programs. Consequently, what kind of father would I be if I ignored all of the possible safety features offered to my child? Even though I spent my teenage years zipping around my neighborhood late at night … wearing black … without a helmet.

The reason for possibly ignoring the most extreme safety features, of course, is that full-on bike safety rarely looks cool. Yes, it’s necessary, especially today, when there are more cars on the road than ever before, and neighborhoods seem designed to make bike riding extra dangerous. Few cities have manageable bike lanes, and those that do are rarely respected by the automobile-driving public. Too many cyclists have been injured and killed while riding in the so-called bike lane.


I could force my kid to wear an orange vest and a miner light on her helmet, but man that would be dorky as hell. A better option may be the Nite Ize Spokelit Color-Changing Wheel Lights. These LED lights are super-bright and come in four colors: solid blue, green and amber, and a flashing “disco” light. If you place a two or three of the same color light on the wheel, at high speeds, it’s looks as if your tires are glowing. Put just one on each wheel, and the lights revolve at different rates, depending on their positions on each tire. Set the lights to flash, and you’ve got yourself a mobile, seizure-inducing light show.

Making bike safety cool is the best bet when it comes to getting kids to be safe. These spoke lights certainly move bike safety in that direction.

You can purchase the spoke lights from Perpetual Kid.

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