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No Doubt Smiti Figure Playset

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I’ve never been a huge fan of trumpets, saxophones, or songs that incorporate “GO DADDY GO!”. Because of these three prejudices, I’m pretty much incapable of appreciating Jazz. And while some might desire to tear me a new one (since Jazz fans are equally as crazy as Phish fans), I’m somewhat comfortable with where I stand on my opinions. Disliking trumpets and saxophones as a young’un in the mid-90s should have been an uncomfortable time for me because of Ska, but weirdly enough, that conglomerate of reggae, punk, and swing music was actually something I liked that I didn’t realize until like, two days ago.

While looking for Doctor Who books at the local thrift store the other day (because why not?), ‘Spiderwebs’ by No Doubt came blasting over the radio. It sounded amazing, and I started to sing and dance (well, more like bounced) and I felt completely happy with myself but also completely out of control (it was totally my Beetlejuice moment of the day). Looking back on that moment made me realize how amazing No Doubt really was and how I wish I was that 11-year-old girl once again, excited to buy Tragic Kingdom in 1995 the same day I bought my brother a Candlebox CD (this really happened) for Christmas.

Though my fondness for No Doubt–despite having to re-remind myself just how fond I used to be–was definitely more in their Tragic Kingdom years, Rock Steady (ND’s fifth studio album) in the early 00s was equally as exciting. With songs such as ‘Hey Baby’, ‘Hella Good’, and ‘Underneath It All’, Rock Steady was the commercial comeback for the Californians. And the No Doubt Smiti Figure Playset from encapsulates the spirit of the 2001 version of No Doubt like no other figure set does.

With 38 play-tastical pieces for your child to create their own live performance nightly, the 3” tall platicstatures of Gwen Stefani, Gabriel McNair, Stephen Bradley, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young make up this one-of-a-kind music-related kiddie toy that also comes complete with mini instruments, microphones, and a stage. Don’t let your kids go walking in the spiderwebs of old toys that aren’t fun to play with. Give them the spirit of mid-1990s Ska excitement that undoubtedly beats any Stray Cats album. (And like the above comment pertaining to Jazz, this is a comment I know will get me in trouble. SO FIRE AWAY!)

Here’s my favorite No Doubt song of all time. It’s hella good.

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