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No Fix Your Computer T-Shirt

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How many times have you’ve been asked to fix a computer for a friend or from family? Doesn’t even matter if you know how, people just assume that if you work in the “industry” you know how to troubleshoot all IT problems. The actual truth of the matter is that you just Google the problem in hopes you find a forum with solution. Now that you have kids, people will bypass you and ask for help directly from them. Poor naive souls don’t even know what they are getting themselves into by agreeing to service that hard drive. That’s why it is time for your child to wear the, “No, I will not fix your computer” t-shirt.

The t-shirt comes in one color, black with white font. Thinkgeek offers several child sizes to lend the perfect fit. The shirt is 100% cotton.

Teach your kids to just say no. Just like Pandora’s Box, once that can of worms is open it can never be shut again. Friends and co-workers will be lining up at your door to speak to your son or daughter about their computer issues. The never ending cycle of free tech work. Only you can forbid this kind of child enslavement.

If you’ve never seen the british show The IT Crowd, I highly recommend watching it. Here’s a great clip from the show.

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