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No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

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No Flying in the House tells the story of Annabel Tippens, who shows up quite unexpectedly at the home of Mrs. Vancourt, a wealthy and well-to-do dowager. Annabel doesn’t know where she came from and she has no parents to look after her, but what she does have is Gloria, a mouse-sized dog who speaks!

Gloria and Mrs. Vancourt raise little Annabel the best they can, but a jewel-eyed cat finds its way to Annabel and tells her some surprising news: she’s actually the daughter or a fairy! However, the news brings some unexpected decisions. Will Annabel choose the life of a fairy, or will she stay and live with Gloria, her oldest friend and guardian?

Author Betty Brock fills her story with delightful twists, magical happenings, and just a hint of eeriness. This story will be among the favorites of any fantasy-loving child’s book collection. Scholastic rates the book’s grade level at 3.7, so kids with a 3rd -5th grade reading level will be able to enjoy the book. You could also read it to younger children before bed. The story really captures the imagination of a wide age group, so don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to read ahead!

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