Now You See It: Yetis, Bigfoots & Monsters, Oh My!


You’ve heard the legend, you’ve seen the latest commercial, and maybe you and your children have ridden the roller coaster. Make no mistake the Yeti is real. Or so thousands of cryptozoologists and the History Channel would have you believe. For many of us, our first experience with the Yeti, aka the Abominable Snowman,  is from the movie The Empire Strikes Back. Sure they were called Wampas, but c’mon … they were Yeti.

Your kids probably know about Bigfoot, and if they live in Florida, they’ll most likely be familiar with the Skunk Ape. The Yeti supposedly resides in the Himalayan mountains. Sharing many physical features as our own Bigfoot here in the States, the Yeti has a full coat of white. Think of him as Bigfoot’s first cousin.

Whether real or not, the mythology of the Yeti is one of the most popular legends on the planet. There are numerous products that have spawned from this fascinating myth, and since it’s summertime and your kids are sitting at home with nothing to do, it’s the perfect time to chill out with a gigantic beast that hangs out with Frosty the Snowman and Yukon Cornelius.

First, take the kids to the library and have them do a little research. I’m sure the local librarian will be able to point them in the right direction — toward Bigfoot, Sasquatch and ultimately, the Yeti. Be sure to ask about this classic Choose Your Own Adventure book: The Abominable Snowman.


The more your children research, the more they might find themselves drawn to another mythological creature, like the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil.

In this context, it would be a crime to not mention the lovable film Harry and the Hendersons. The story opens with yet another cliche American family, headed by two lovable parents (John Lithgow and Melinda Dillion). Everything is very “perfect ’80s family film” until the family hit a Sasquatch with their car and decide to bring him home. Makes perfect sense. It’s an 8-foot tall monster. Should fit comfortably under one of the kids’ beds.

Don’t confuse this movie with the excellent Encino Man, in which a mentally challenged dude (played by Pauly Shore) and Samwise the hobbit dig up the once promising career of Brendan Fraser. Though I recommend showing that movie to the kids a little later in life, Harry is targeted to the entire family. He might not be a Yeti, but your children will still love him.

But alas, this article is supposed to be about Yetis. Fine, here’s some crap you can buy the kids with Yetis on them.


Personally, I love rockabilly, hot rods and all out bad-assery. Fortunately, for those kids not old enough to read, you can purchase a onesie or a baby tee with that exact imagery. Introducing Big Daddy Yeti, I’m not sure if drag racing is big in Nepal, but we can pretend.


Sorry, I may have gone a little too hardcore for you. I’ll dial it back some and point out this super cute plush of a “hipster” yeti. This 8-inch plush enjoys reading and taking pictures of the wildlife, just before ripping them apart and eating them. He’s even wearing some Buddy Holly black framed glasses. Like a Yeti would wear glasses, that’ll be the day.


So far we’ve covered “greaser” and “hipster” yetis, plus books, toys and apparel. That leaves poor little “emo” yeti for last. This one seems to mumble, “I might kill myself because the world hates me.” But before you start feeling bad for him, rest assured that the artist decided to stick a horn on top and create (bear with me) “uni-emo-yeti-with moody bangs.” That’s not all: It’s a wooden plaque, not some cheap big-box retail art picture your mother-in-law got at a garage sale. How many damn clowns can they buy for one child anyway? You can purchase this unique plaque from ShanaLogic.

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