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Does your tween wake up in the mornings and immediately upload new Fresh Air and Science Friday podcasts? If so, this is the shirt for them! If not, force them to wear it so at least people will think they’re part of the bobo intelligentsia. This incredibly simple shirt will mark your kid as one the chosen few who know what intelligent media really is.

In a sea of misinformation, they will shine as an example of the artfully informed. Three little letters stand out from across the mall, the playground, the science museum, and let others know that, not only do you and your offspring have excellent taste in your choice of media outlets, you are also smart investors, supporting public radio through your purchases. In this era where everything is an advertisement, why not advertise for something valuable and forthright? This NPR shirt allows you to do exactly that. Available in sizes 10 and 12, put this on your kids prior to the actual teenage years, in hopes that it might be a talisman to ward him away from the hellish bad taste that is likely to arrive soon.

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