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Numbers League Superhero Game

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When evil stalks the streets of an innocent city, and there are too many villains for one person to handle, who do you count on to save the day? Usually it’s a ragtag group of people with superpowers who have a penchant for arguing amongst each other and butting egos, so let’s assemble one of those teams!

In Numbers League, you and your kids take turns assembling a team of superheroes using cards with different parts on them. These heroes end up looking different every time, and range from relatively normal-looking, to the most ridiculous, hilarious, and outlandish mutants you’ve ever seen. Superheroes and villains both have numerical values that dictate which hero (or combination of heroes) is able to capture a villain. This part of the game is what encourages math skills, but it’s based upon construction principles and fun, so your kids won’t even notice that they’re improving their math. The object, once they assemble their team, is to capture all of them villains using these number values, which promotes teamwork and friendship.

Numbers League also features additional (see what I did there?) difficulties between “Hero” and “Superhero” modes. Superhero mode introduces negative numbers and multiplication, allowing your child to both progress further in the game, and learn more at the same time. It’s a great game for teaching math that both you and your kids can enjoy.

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