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Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase

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Do your kids ever wish they could store all their books in a tree? Of course they do. They’re sick and tired of that boring wooden bookcase that just sits there all day, not looking funky or fashionable, and taking up way too much space. The kids haven’t told you this? They’re trying to spare your feelings, trust us. That old, wooden bookcase that was left behind in your great aunt’s will—it needs to rest in peace. Out in the garage or in a thrift store. Seriously. If you want your kid to have any kind of style when they’re older, get rid of that monstrosity. Tough love, we know how to give it.

So once you’ve kicked that bookcase to the curb, go immediately to purchase the Tree Bookcase. Immediately. We know you have thoughts of DIYing on the weekends to craft the perfect bookcase for your youngin, but since you haven’t picked up a power tool since high school carpentry, you’ll just end up producing a YouTube video something along the lines of this. Have you seen the Saw movie series? Yah.

The Tree Bookcase is made of zero-grade MDF and finished with a high gloss. It won’t warp, split or crack. Guess how many books this little tree can hold? Give up? More than 100! It securely attaches to the wall, and has a height of 63” (that’s over 5ft, and over 160 centimeters for the metric world). But the best thing about this—ok, not the best thing, the whole tree design is the best thing—so the second best thing is that Nurseryworks uses renewable resources for all their furniture, including this sprouting gem. And the company only uses low-VOC finishes and formaldehyde-free dyes (thank heavens for that, right?).

If you just so happen to have a kid who isn’t into reading (we wont say anything), this Tree Bookcase is also great for showcasing toys and keeping them organized.


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