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Offside Coat Rack

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Kids are messy. Disorganized. And can turn their bedrooms into what looks like a war zone within a few minutes. But don’t let your kid’s aversion to organization give you nightmares and midnight anxiety attacks. Pop the Offside Coat Rack onto their bedroom wall and watch your little ones turn into OCD freaks, hanging jackets, umbrellas and bags in a neat little row.

Quirky and fun, the Offside Coat Rack comes from Norwegian designer Runa Klock, who, it seems, has a soft spot for foosball (who wouldn’t have one?). Instead of playing the game, these foosball players have been taken off the field to defend disorganization in the bedroom, even being able to tilt and move sideways to make room for larger items. Made from stainless steel and recyclable plastic (hola, greenies!), each rack comes with five players, mounted with aluminum casing. They’re sturdy and strong, just as real foosball players should be.

We know you’re shopping for the kids, but trust us when we say you’ll definitely want one for yourself too; especially if you have fond memories of playing foosball as a kid (just ignore those memories when you got into a fistfight with your brother for cheating), or playing foosball as a drunken college student—we know you did it, there’s no use denying it.

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