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Old School Mac T-Shirt

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Long before iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and yearly revisions, there was the Macintosh M0001. The Apple Macintosh, as the M0001 was dubbed, was the first personal computer manufactured by Apple, and it had no shortage of quirks. Designed in a time when a computer needed no internal storage, no cooling fans, and only a floppy drive for software, the M0001 can now be fondly remembered as “cute” when compared to more recent tech standards. Still, the M0001 was one of the best (and only) options we had in 1984, and is still endeared by collectors today.

If you were one of the lucky tech-savvy nerds back in 1984 who had one of these, or even if you want to pass on a history lesson to your kids, the Old School iMac tee shows an appreciation for what came before. The tee features a hand-drawn image of the M0001 model, centered in the middle of this Galaxy Blue shirt. The M0001 proudly displays an adorable home screen message of “hello,” as if to say that it’s happy to see you, too. This tee comes in several children’s sizes, and is perfect for the kids who want to show off their retro knowledge of old computing, even if they don’t know 1984 the way we do.

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