Omi DIY Art toy

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OMI DIY Project

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Unleash your tiny artist’s creativity with the new, customizable Omi. Omi is a molded vinyl toy that comes in fun shapes to spark the imagination. You could get the monkey, cat, bear, or devil! But you won’t know until you get it home and open the box! The kit comes packaged in a blueprint blue box with nothing to distinguish which Omi form is inside.

These blank slates are ready for your offspring’s self-expression. Apply paint, googlie eyes, feathers, paper, glitter, rocks, dried bugs, seashells, or any other representation of unique interest. Maybe your child wants to paint it the colors of their favorite superhero; monkey Wolverine sounds good to me! The texture of the DIY sets allows you to use non-toxic paints, such as acrylics, and is durable to stand up to paint markers and oil-based paint. How your nerdling adorns their Omi is completely up to them. It is a fun expression of their individuality in toy form.

The DIY sets also let you combine Omis, so you are not restricted to just one shape. They snap together for prime creative building. Parents are going to want to create, too, so you might want to consider getting more than one!

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