Oooh Picasso Hardcover Book

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Oooh! Picasso Hardcover Edition

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The best art challenges you to define it for yourself.

With this in mind, the creators of the children’s art book Oooh! Picasso provide a glimpse into five of Picasso’s most famous sculptures. Rather than providing commentary and explanations about the pieces, they encourage kids to think and interpret the artwork for themselves by pairing each piece with thoughtful questions. Is that a guitar or a tin moon hooked to the sky? Perhaps it’s neither. Maybe your child will have an even better interpretation or description — personally, I always saw the outline of two ducks in his guitar. Hey, it’s art. Anything goes, right?

Oooh! Picasso is part of the Oooh! Artist series, which also includes Ooh! Matisse. Children ages five and up, not exactly Picasso’s target audience, receive a preliminary art education through these highly accessible pieces. The books offer an opportunity for parents to open up a discussion about what, exactly, constitutes art. Can art really be made from everyday objects like wood, canvas, string, cardboard, and even a bicycle seat? How can a girl floating in the air be skipping if she isn’t actually skipping? And the best revelation of all: if a famous master like Picasso can create powerful art out of paper, can’t we do the same thing?

So it seems Oooh! Picasso covers a lot of bases. Children can increase their literacy skills, begin to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for art, tap into their abstract thinking abilities, AND gain inspiration for their own masterpieces.

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