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Oscar Wilde Little Thinker

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If you don’t yet own anything from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, you might be in danger of having your hipster card revoked. Start your collection with this Oscar Wilde 11” doll. The King of Decadence himself would probably have scoffed at this plush, but then there wasn’t really anything Mr. Wilde didn’t scoff at, so that’s not saying much.

This foppish little dandy, dressed in satiny blue with an ascot, is much like Wilde’s famous Mr. Gray. He won’t ever age… but don’t worry. He won’t he require the price of your soul in order to maintain his youth. (Just 18 bucks–the price of holding his immortality in your hands). Don’t fret if your child is not yet familiar with the Wildean legacy. After all, it’s Wilde who wrote that “Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.” You don’t need that kind of trouble just yet. They’ll still enjoy playing with this funny-looking doll, likely creating all kinds of strange dialogue and mischievous capers for him (he’ll probably end up in jail). That will be the greatest tribute of all to the illustrious Mr. Wilde.

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