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Outie Splat Mats

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It’s all well and good to place your baby on your fluffy white living room rug and let them roll around to their heart’s content, but sooner or later you’re going to find yourself cleaning one of four or five infant bodily fluids off your previously pristine flooring. It’s not a secret: babies are a messy bunch. And though you might be one of those go-with-the-flow parents who has already decided you have no problem sacrificing your rugs, hardwood floors and all of your furniture to your little one’s whims, you should know you have options. The beautiful antique table bequeathed to you by your great grandmother, as well as your sanity, are still salvageable.

Meet Outie Splat Mats. A Splat Mat is more than just a placemat that contains liquids and other messes, although we review those too. This mat just so happens to be an environmentally smart piece of pop art. Each side of the mat features a different vivacious design made from upcycled vinyl that was once used as part of an advertisement. Channel your inner slick 1960s ad exec a la Don Draper while keeping your floors and tables safe from spills and playing a game of “guess the product being promoted”. Pretty soon, you’ll be buzzing your secretary to have her clear all of your afternoon appointments so you can admire how clean your house is. How cool is that?

Splat Mats come in four sizes, and with a choice of 19 design/color stories, including “Beer Moon,” “Hello Officer,” and my favorite, “Backyard-Colour-Story,” you will not have trouble finding one that suits your personality. You’ll feel so good about your unique purchase you may forget to remove the mat from under your coffee cup.


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