Outside Your Window: A First Book Of Nature

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Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature

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Kids are constantly connecting with nature. Whether they’re infants fascinated and delighted by the neighbor’s dog, toddlers who “bye, bye” the moon on an early evening stroll, or preschoolers who ask darn good questions that you don’t know how to answer, the environment around them is a mystical, never-ending source of inspiration that fuels their curiosity.

Author Nicola Davies and Illustrator Mark Hearld channel their inner five-year-old with a brilliant collaboration: Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature. The book combines poetry (some of which doesn’t rhyme — a refreshing change), facts, and vivid mixed-media collage illustrations to show children that they needn’t travel to a zoo to find nature — it exists right outside their window. Davies and Hearld explore this universe the way a child might: they favor the small details that often escape busy adults, but that children relish in observing. Your little one will relate when he or she sees a bird’s tiny tracks in the snow or a close-up of an intricately woven spider web.

Outside Your Window explores nature in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and contains more than a dozen poems for each season. Davies, who is best known for her science books, Extreme Animals and Surprising Sharks, inspires children to get out and discover nature for themselves with suggestions on how they can enjoy the natural world. In a day and age when so many of us are concerned about our children turning into video game addicts, it’s nice to be able to provide an alternate option that encourages exploration. And isn’t it high time your child brings home an earthworm or two for you to house as a pet?

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