Owlin’ Good Time: Owls for Your Feathered Flock


Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? Or that feathers cover their toes? Or that an elf owl weighs less than a hamburger? Owls have a reputation for being fascinating, wise and enigmatic, which has earned them a spot as figures of folklore for centuries. They even appear in Egyptian hieroglyphics. All that aside, if being nerdy had an animal kingdom mascot, it would certainly be an owl.

Owl products are everywhere these days, so why not turn this adorable artsy trend into a biology lesson? This owl play dress features a sleepy owl face on the front with a big cloth pocket where the owl’s chest feathers should be.


Once this cute and comfy dress arrives, take the chance to inform your little one that the owl on the dress is probably sleepy because their pupils don’t dilate during the day, so they often look half-asleep.

Pick up this sweet little silver owl necklace to go with the dress, or to give as a gift to your favorite little Strigiforme enthusiast.


As she’s admiring her necklace, fill her in on the secret behind an owl’s “ears”: the tufts on the the top of an owl’s head are just feathers. Their real ears are on the side of their head near their eyes.

If you need to infuse baby’s room with a dose of wisened, large-eyed forest adorable-ness, pick up this birds and owls fabric decalcache_582_582___100_il_fullxfull.437109845_4f03

You can point out to older kids that even though it’s SO cute, owls don’t usually hang out with other birds. (They’d usually rather eat them. Kind of like your kids want to do to their younger siblings.)

Snuggle up with kids and turn on this adorable owl ambient lamp to set the mood for storytime. Use it as a chance to teach your kids all about nocturnal animals who, just like them, don’t want to go to bed when it gets dark.


These great mini owl plushes would make a great soft toy to toss on the bed as an accent or take along wherever the family goes. Handmade using adorable fabric, this eco-friendly owl family is a set of three. When they arrive, you can point out their adorably tiny bills and tell your kids that real owls have hooked bills that are longer than they appear, hidden behind fluffy feathers.

If you have a little one, grab this Brooklyn Tree onesie.


A wide-eyed owl hangs upside down from a branch above the name of the famous borough, reminding you that even in New York’s most populous neighborhood, we need a little nature and wisdom in our lives. Dress up baby in this snazzy creeper, and inform your older kids that biologists used to think barred owls needed old growth forests to survive, but they’ve recently moved into cities and are doing just fine.

Even professional scientists never stop learning!

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