Ozzy Osbourne Princess Girls' T-Shirt

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Ozzy Osbourne Princess T-Shirt

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Things that are metal according to me: blood, guts, leather pants, 3-hour guitar solos, cheap beer, no emotions, this dude, and of course, Black Sabbath. One thing that’s even MORE metal to me than the stuff I just listed? Ozzy frickin’ Osborne! Duh. As if there’s anything else that remotely comes close to whatever the definition of metal actually is. There isn’t anything off the top of my head that I can think of. Well, maybe this dude, too. *Giggles*

Alright, alright, don’t yell at me for admitting that a prettier dude-version of Ellen Degeneres is metal; since the meaning is completely subjective from one person to the next, I am allowed to feel this way. (And because Justin Bieber throws up on stage; that’s pretty metal if you ask me.) *Giggles loudly*

But while throwing up milk onstage in front of millions of people might not be brutal to you, what we can all agree on is that princesses are metal as heck, right? Why are you shaking your head? Don’t agree? Well, you’re weird then.

From the world famous Rock.com comes a shirt that every mini metal princess will love. The Ozzy Osbourne Princess T-Shirt depicts the musical giant in a more feminine light, but I have a feeling that Ozzy wouldn’t mind this at all. Made with 100% cotton, this Princess of Darkness attire with badassian ruffled hems will surely summon the Prince of Darkness himself. But let your child know that they shouldn’t be scared, Ozzy doesn’t bite (anymore).

Here’s Ozzy being like Lennon:

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