P is for Plushie


One of the first things we teach our little ones is their ABC’s. Forget about using blocks or books. As an alternative, add these plushies to your collection.


Alphabeasts A

Robbletop. Moochi. Calicocious. Gumblegoop. These are just some of the names of the Alphabeast. Your little one will become fast-friends with these 15-inch plush monsters. There are 26 plushies in this collection, one for each letter of the alphabet. These double-sided plush monsters, with contrasting colors front and back, have the uppercase letter on the front and feature the lowercase letter on the back.

Ty Alphabet Beanies


Maybe monsters are not your thing. Or, perhaps they are not your child’s thing, no matter how adorable the monsters are. The solution? The more traditional Ty alphabet beanie teddy bears. Each of the 26 handmade beanies is 6 inches tall.

Smarty Kids by Kids Preferred

Smarty Kids

Whether you’re teaching your wee one that “C” is for cat, or “W” is for whale, these adorable and colorful Smarty Kids 12-inch plushies will help. Not only are they colorful, but each plush is made from fabric with a variety of soft textures. Aside from different textured plushies, there are different textured singing alphabet plushies, and different textured alphabet comfort cuddly blankets.

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