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To put this into perspective, the ‘P’ in P-TV-Z, stands for Peelander Z: your typical, late ‘90’s “Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander”. They actually hail from New York City instead, but we can suspend all disbelief for now. They dress up in elaborate, colorful costumes; parade around like Anime versions of Power Rangers; engage audience members in a game of human bowling with or without their trademark Red Squid; and demand intense audience participation at every show they play. Yep, they’re just your average comic punk band from a galaxy that isn’t THAT far, far away.

As ongoing punk/art band-y staples in the NYC music scene for the past 15 years, Peelander Z has won the hearts of pretty much every music and media outlet that matters. Having been referred to as “The best band to see live. Period.” by music website, Brooklyn Vegan, and championed by Spin, Rolling Stone, NPR, and Village Voice (name dropping is just grand!), the Z is a family-friendly live act you don’t want to miss out on if given the chance. But in case you miss out on a live Peelander performance, at least there’s some tunes you can listen to with you and your own—big and small—that capture the finesse of their outta-this-world concert experience.

P-TV-Z, the NYC band’s first children’s album, blends art rock and punk vivaciously on all 12 individual tracks that couldn’t be more engaging to little ears. With song titles just as zany as their getups i.e.: “Tacos Tacos Tacos,” “Happee Birthday,” “Ice Cream!,” “Wasabi Man,” “2-4-6-8 Rock and Roll,” there’s little to no possibility that tiny songsters will dislike anything that this band sings about. But, if in fact they do, showing them in their trademark outfits while they bowl over a few humans and hang out with sea creatures, might be the convincer right there.

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