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Pac-Man Alarm Clock

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Pizzazz. Life needs it, clothes need it, your child’s alarm clock needs it. Proudly proclaim your status as a nerdy old-school gamer to your kids with this neat little gadget. The Pac-Man clock harkens back to days of yore when sweaty teenage boys would crowd around an arcade, quarters clenched tightly in fists, eagerly waiting for a chance to chomp those infuriating ghosts into oblivion. Nostalgia runs thick for you, but you’re getting it for your kids, right? Right?

Awesome looks aside, you can be assured that it’s not simply a neat decoration and will guarantee your precious little ones wake in time for school. The clock sports the same features found on more mundane time pieces, including a functional alarm and the all-important snooze button. Your children can greet the day by sticking their cute little fingers near the gaping mouth of a mascot famous for eating everything. Including fingers.

If the screen seems a bit dark, it features a backlight that can be illuminated by punching the image of Pac-Man’s sometimes enemy, sometimes dinner, Pinky the ghost. It runs on batteries though, so make sure you keep an eye on the level or else your young video game prodigy might miss the bus.

Pro-tip: Remember the Pac-Man cartoon? Here’s the intro.

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