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Pac-Man Bank

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Pac-Man is the ultimate consumer. His entire existence centers around eating what appear to be aspirin, with the occasional cherry thrown in. That’s it. That’s what he lives for. He eats so much that, if you get him excited enough, he’ll even eat his neighbors: a pack of friendly, happy-go-lucky ghosts who think they’re playing an endless game of tag with the titular yellow character. So what better way to teach your children about saving to consume than with a Pac-Man money bank?

Unfortunately for your children, they can’t have an endless supply of what they want (though they may think they do), and this bank will educate them on what it means to work and save in order to acquire the stuff that keeps them happy. Simply plunk some coins into the top of Pac-Man and he’ll start up his famous wakka wakka wakka sound effect as he consumes even solid metal. Apparently nothing fazes his digestive tract. The bank is stylish looking with a retro-throwback feel to it but, as you’ve probably already guessed, it does run on batteries (AAA) so you’ll need to pick up a pack in addition to the Pac-Man.

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