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Pac-Man Ghost Bandages

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Children are always pushing what we think are their physical limits. They always want to take off their training wheels too early, try the monkey bars that are a little too far apart, and get on the slide that starts a little too high. It’s part of their job, along with being loud and getting dirty. But all this limit-pushing often leads to painful battle wounds. Even the bravest kids can be reduced to tears from seeing a single drop of their own blood. Luckily, fascinating first-aid equipment can soothe even the most anxious fallen warrior. Almost as effective as having Mommy kiss the boo-boo, err, battle wound, are the magical creams, gels, and, of course, bandages! A well-designed bandage not only creates a barrier for bacteria, but also displays a scrape with style.

Let your children display their battle wounds proudly with these Pacman-themed bandages. The bandages come in three designs and are housed in a tin box. Even if your lil’ gamers aren’t familiar with the game (shame on you), they’ll love the look of these characters. When they ask you who the little cheese wheel-looking guy is, you can introduce them to the great warrior Pacman, who never stopped looting dots and cherries, and who was so brave that sometimes he would chase ghosts and eat them.

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