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Pac-Man IR Racers

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Pac-Man and Blinky have broken out of the confines of the maze, and into your home! The yellow chomper daringly zips through the rooms of your house, collecting many pellets, pieces of candy, and garbage on the floor, while trying to avoid being turned into ghost chow by his arch-nemesis, Blinky! While it doesn’t perfectly emulate the feeling of the classic arcade game, Pac-Man IR Racers are an excellent throwback and allow your lil’ gamers to do tricks that the game can’t quite handle. Send Pac-Man off tables, jumping over ramps, or design mazes for your kids that they can chase each other through.

Both Pac-Man and Blinky are controlled via infrared sensor by a remote controlled joystick; it was designed to resemble the same stick as retro arcade cabinets, to bring back a classic feel. Both racers also have the original sound effects from the arcade game, perfect for when Pac-Man eats a power pellet. Your kids can race Pac-Man and Blinky wherever they want to go, as long as they’re in the line of sight.

Recreate the fun and hectic arcade experience with your kids, or put a new spin on the classic chase game with Pac-Man IR Racers!

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