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Pac-Man Maze Wall Decals

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Pac-Man, as simple as it is, has been one of the most successful games of all time, not based on the reception of the video game alone, but also thanks to its numerous spin-offs, television shows, tee shirts, and various other products. It has even been the focus of artistic debates over the nature of the game. Some think it’s a horror story: he’s trapped in an endless building pursued by ghosts. Others claim the narrative has a larger context .

Regardless of how you view the voracious yellow hero, it is unlikely that he hasn’t, in some way, affected your life. Now you can pass the legacy down to your children by spiffing up their room with this neato wall decal, courtesy of the folks over at Blik. The image is essentially a screenshot of the first level of Pac-Man in action. You’ll notice that all the dots are still on the board, but the creators of this art have thoughtfully provided what they call “cover-ups” which are essentially black stickers you place over the dots to simulate the game in action. Pac-Man, the ghosts, and the fruit are all separate stickers so you can create your own design by placing them wherever you like, making the installation itself into a game for you and your kids.

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