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Pacman Baby Bottles T-shirt

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Babies and toddlers may not seem like they do a whole lot besides eat, poop, sleep, and eat some more, but they have an incredible superpower that can’t be matched by even the older, school-attending kids. In just a few years, they double and triple in size, gain amazing muscles and dexterity, and acquire language like a little genius! No wonder they have such voracious appetites! Like Pacman, they’re just om-nom-noming their way to victory.

Dress them like the little champions they are with this Pacman t-shirt from UK based 8Bal. Pacman’s not often caught eating anything besides yellow dots and the occasional piece of fruit, but here he is chomping on milk bottles. It’s a unique design for growing gamers who already have a couple Pacman shirts in their closet, or for the little one who hasn’t yet been introduced to the classic arcade game. The toddler tee also comes in light blue and pink if your kid’s not into fire-engine red.

Younguns really do eat like Pacman. If you’ve ever put one in front of a pile of cheerios, you know what I mean. At least there’s no pesky ghosts to worry about.

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