Painting Ideas for Beginners by Age

Add some color into your kid’s life with our list of the best painting ideas for beginners!

Close-Up of a Multicolor Paint Tray photo

Hello all, I’m back once again, and this time I bring you even more interesting goodies. Time to talk about painting ideas for beginners and that means it’s time to break out your brushes and paints. This list covers simple ideas for toddlers and kids to detailed ideas aimed at teens and up. Never painted before? Don’t let that intimidate you! I promise there’s nothing to be scared of, well besides getting messy. But that’s all part of the fun!

Need some recommendations for paint supplies, or perhaps you adore Bob Ross as much as we do? Then, be sure to check out our Bob Ross starter kit list for everything you need to get painting.

Okay, got everything? Great, let’s get to it!

Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Paw Patrol Figurine Craft Kit photo

Paw Patrol Craft Figurines

To start off our list of painting ideas for beginners, we have this kit of Paw Patrol figures. When my cousin was little, her obsession with Paw Patrol was too real! Everyday for hours and hours on end she’d watch it. It made me seriously wonder if that was the only show that was on. So, seeing this brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. I feel, if she’d seen this, she would have asked for them, and I would have had a beautiful bonding moment to share with her. But, alas, I missed out. Don’t you miss out though! Get this and have your own bonding moment!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Canvas in Box photo

The Mandalorian Canvas Activity Set

As we know, Star Wars has lived in the hearts of fans for decades, and of course for some that means their kids have to be obsessed too. For a fun way to introduce your little Jedi to Star Wars, start by letting them paint the adorable Baby Yoda! Plus, the little easel it comes with is simply precious.

Spider-Man & Avengers Paint with Water Books for Kids (set of 2) image

Spider-Man & Avengers 2-Pack

As someone who’s still living off the rush and excitement of No Way Home, I know I’m not the only one who needs more Spidey in their lives. Further, this 2-pack comes with the chibi-style Avengers art to paint! Blame it on my obsession with anime but chibi art makes my heart swoon. I mean, tiny Vision is just SO precious. Most importantly, you paint these using only water which means hours of easy, mess-free fun!

Mario Paint and Sticker Set image

Mario Paint Set & More

I’m gonna go way off topic for a second but bare with me. So, is it wrong that my favorite part of this isn’t even the paint or the paint sheets (which are great!), but the lovely assortment of stickers that comes with it? I know that’s not the topic for today but still they’re really lovely. And, hey, that means extra ways to jazz up the paint sheets! Hard to be mad about that.

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Watercolor Wonders Painting Kit photo

Watercolor Wonders

How about we talk about something magical now. First, Watercolor Wonders comes with everything you need to begin your child’s journey with painting. That means, 7 colors of paint, a premium paintbrush, pages and pages of art. Second, and here’s the magical part, blank spaces on the pages, when painted over, reveal invisible ink art! Making for a fun and surprising good time.

Ideas for Kids

Lisa Frank Paint with Water Book Cover and Page Examples image

Lisa Frank: Paint w/ Water Book

As someone who grew up in the 2000’s and was pretty much obsessed with every facet of Lisa Frank’s existence (I’m talking folders, pencil cases, and stickers galore), seeing this took me straight back to my childhood. With this be careful, take your time, and use gentle brushstrokes; don’t be me! Too much water at once can make your painting a sloppy gray disaster.

Simba DIY Funko Pop in Box photo

Simba DIY Funko Pop

I’ve been seeing these types of Funko Pops for a while. Mind you, they have actually a whole set of these beauties and a pretty decent range too. Also, not all of them are Disney characters, like good ol’ Simba here. There’s also the Sanrio icon herself Hello Kitty. Truly, I think what’s good about these is that they’re simple yet full of possibility. Which I’ll discuss again in a moment. So keep up, it’s just getting good!

Batman DIY Half-Mask photo

Batman DIY Half-Mask

As a Batman stan, every time the caped crusader comes into my life, in any shape or form, I get so happy. Much like the Funko above, how you decorate this is entirely up to you. Follow whatever vision you see fit because the pssibilities are limited only by your imagination. Or to be super cheesy about it: “Holy paint splatters, Batman, this makes a fun afternoon activity!”

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Avengers Paint by Numbers Kit Box photo

Avengers Paint-by-Numbers Kit

You may have noticed that I have two Avengers items on this list. Don’t judge me, judge the MCU for making me love them so much! Besides, I love the fact this comes with not only detailed art but instructions on the various shading and color mixing techniques needed to help make your project look amazing. When you’re done, you and your kids can hang it up, and say, “Hey we did that!” 

Bob Ross By the Numbers Min Canvas Kit Box and Contents photo

Bob Ross Minis

No list of painting ideas for beginners would be complete without the icon himself, one of the most soothing artists ever, the OG of ASMR, Bob Ross. Remember, it’s okay to make happy accidents and to always be gentle with your strokes. I know you might get a little excited wanting to see the picture come together, but it’s important to take your time. Enjoy the process, and if you make a mistake, it’s nothing freak out about. Have fun! 

Ideas for Teens

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Disney Princesses Paint by Numbers Kit Contents photo

Disney Princesses Paint-by-Numbers

I’ve voiced this in the past, but I have such  unbreakable love for the Disney princesses. And I’ll go live on that hill forever! Which is why when I saw this, I was taken aback. It’s stunning, and I’m absolutely drooling over the stained glass window look. Perfection! It works so well and makes for a nice calming paint-by-numbers concept. To be honest, I find it therapeutic. 

Painting Ideas for Beginners: DIY Funko Pop Figure Male in Box photo

Blank Slate DIY Funko Pop

I told you’d we’d be talking about these lovelies again. Now, the possibility isn’t limited to a pre-made design. First, check out the female version here, if your prefer. I’ve seen so many people take these figures and turn them into amazing figures. If you’re willing, branch out into clay sculpting for hair and any other details you want to add. That will obviously add new layers of depth to your creation. To be clear, this requires more than a few simple coats of paint. For sculpting, check out this YouTube tutorial to grab some tips

Todoroki Shoto Paint by Number Kit Contents photo

Todoroki Shoto

I’ve been seeing this type of glass painting everywhere lately, especially among the anime community. So, it felt right to add it to the list. At this point, I feel like fate is telling me to just try it and see. I mean, I guess I could mess it up, but at least this kit comes with tips and tricks to make it easier to do right. Want a more in depth look at the process? Check out this YouTube tutorial.

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Totoro Paint by Numbers Kit Contents and Completed Painting Example photo

Totoro Paint-by-Numbers Canvas

It doesn’t need to be said that Studio Ghibli is and will forever remain an iconic animation studio. The movies they create live in my heart, and every time someone celebrates this in any shape or form, I feel such a sense of joy—whether that be official merch, fan merch, fan art, or, now, paint-by-numbers. Personally, this is on my pick-up list. Maybe, it’s Haku in his dragon form snuggling Totoro that does it for me. 

Painting Ideas for Beginners: Postmodern Paint by Numbers Darth Vader photo

Postmodern Paint-by-Numbers Darth Vader

Finally, on our list of Painting Ideas for Beginners, it’s time to show the original space daddy some love. Not only is this painting eye-catching, but believe it or not, it’s also paint-by-numbers! Further, it comes with all the paints and brushes you need to knock this painting out of our galaxy and into a galaxy far, far away. So, give into your feelings, reach out with the Force, and get this today!