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Pantera Lil’ Dragster Toddler T-shirt

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While it seems like it’s getting easier to find kids clothes, especially onesies, with your favorite band on them (because retailers have finally realized there is a market for cool kids stuff) I can honestly say this is the first one I’ve seen for Pantera. Usually you see AC/DC or maybe a Metallica or Johnny Cash, but this one is a rare breed. The folks over at My Baby Rocks have realized that sometimes your mini-metalhead needs to express his or her inner Cowboy From Hell, and this is just the shirt to do it with. The design comes in either a 100% cotton short-sleeve tee or onesie in a variety of sizes.

Check the videos below for further evidence that some toddlers are just born headbangers; it’s always a good release for the stress which accompanies denial of ice cream.

My Baby Rocks also sells the Black Label Society onesie the lil’ drummer boy is wearing in the second video.

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