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Panton Junior Chair

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The local cinema. A church. The organic juice bar. Van Gogh’s paintings. Can you connect the totally obscure dots? They’ve all got chairs. We know, pretty poor opening, but not if you’re a chair enthusiast. Yes there is sooo such a thing (or at least there was someone five years ago who gave a damn about chairs in art). So chairs are pretty important, my friend. Pretty important indeed.

If chairs are so important, why are we making our kids sit on flimsy, cardboard-like things that we wouldn’t sit on ourselves? Guess it could be funny in some instances, but if you don’t want your kid hurt (we’re guessing you don’t), then throw that cheap chair set out the window and get them a designer seat.

The Panton Junior Chair is a miniature version of the original, designed by none other than Danish designer, Verner Panton. Being the very first to design a single-form, injection-moulded plastic chair, this was a pretty big deal back in the 60s. Think iPhone 5 big. He was a design revolutionary, going against the grain and all that jazz.

The chair you can bestow upon your little one is about 25% smaller than the adult sized S-chair, and comes in 6 different colors (got a soft spot for the tangerine one). Comfy to sit on, sturdy (guaranteed not to break in half while the camera’s rolling), and why are you still reading this? You should be buying this gem right now!

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