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Pantone: Colors – A Children’s Book

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Ever wonder why navy is the new black some seasons? The fact that we are bombarded this year by Tangerine Tango sweaters, coffee cups, and furniture is not a product of random chance. At the start of each season, The Pantone Color Institute surveys top designers to find out which colors they feel have been most inspirational. Pantone then compiles and releases a list of the ten most influential shades, and from the minute the cat is let out of the bag, it seems, every store shelf in the country features an item in one of the top hues.

As a mom trying to teach my toddler colors, I often bite my tongue when she points to a turquoise stone or chartreuse scarf. If I call these items “blue” or “green” I am not being entirely accurate, but won’t I confuse her if I throw in a hundred additional shades that Elmo doesn’t recognize on Sesame Street?

Pantone Colors might be the answer to my problem. The board book doesn’t just show children nine basic colors, it introduces them to 20 light, medium, and dark shades of each. Why is this important, you ask? Just think of how his or her ability to perceive the world changes once an encyclopaedic knowledge of colors opens up to them.

Suddenly, they are asking for their “cupcake pink” pajamas, not to be confused with those pajamas that are “worm pink,” a variation of pink that clearly contains a dash of tomato red and just a hint of salamander orange. You’re helping them expand their vocabulary, recognize the presence of even more beauty in the world, and pick pants that match with their shirts (because we all know black comes in more shades than just black).

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