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Panzy the Pirate Doll

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If you quickly glanced at Panzy the Pirate, you probably thought it was a character from a Tim Burton film. But looking a little closer now (come on, look closer), you can see there’s a big difference – not only in appearance, but also in attitude. Drifting into an imaginative state of mind, one could play out scenarios of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and Panzy battling to the death for Captain Jack Sparrow’s heart (no, not the Michael Bolton JS, the Johnny version), and slaying the super sweet Sally off the plank and into the shark infested waters.

Yes, Panzy might have some anger issues, but she also has a pocket full of posiez and they’re all really poisonous and dangerous to the touch. As captain of the Posiez Crew, you shouldn’t expect anything less. Panzy is on a mission to ride the angry sea waters of people she couldn’t care less about, and allowing your child to go along for the ride and sail the darkened seas with the rest of the Posiez crew is was more exciting than anything Mattel or Playschool could come up with.

Standing eight inches tough, this vinyl and cloth doll keepsake is custom-made by Queenie of Pocket Full of Posiez, and comes complete with a set of curly red hair that’s as fiery as her personality. Included is a cute black and white stripped dress with a red satin bow and makeup to die for (literally!). Panzy is the next dolly darling in your own dolly darlings dolly collection. And if it seems as though your little one is about to slay some hearts (or heads), just feel comfort in knowing Panzy will be right by their side.

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