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Paper Airplane Electronic Conversion Kit

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Are you tired of your paper airplanes only traveling a few feet before spiraling to the ground? Not impressed by tiny airplanes that only travel in a boring straight line, and have no staying power? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have a product for you! Introducing the Paper Airplane Electronic Conversion Kit, a propeller kit system that turns any ordinary paper plane into a deft flying machine.

Infomercial voice aside, the prospect of actually making a halfway decent paper airplane is pretty exciting. Most traditional planes spend more time as twisted crash heaps than in actual flight, but attaching an electric engine changes that for the better. This conversion kit comes with everything your little pilot needs to transform any ordinary paper airplane into a carbon fiber augmented, free-flying jet.

The durable propeller only needs a short 20 second charge time, which then allows the plane to fly in several directions, on its own, for up to 30 seconds. The kit’s dimensions encourages designing non-traditional shapes and sizes, allowing for more experimentation, and ultimately, much more interesting aircraft. You can really get creative here because those paper airplane designs of yours that don’t seem to actually fly very well on their own might now be possible with this Electronic Conversion Kit.

For further paper airplane design knowledge, check this video out:

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