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PaperCat Folding Figures-Dolls of the World

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Gone are the days of making your own paper dolls. This is the 21st Century, folks. Kids need a bit more than scrap paper and a pair of scissors to keep them entertained. So quit telling the young’uns to make their own fun with whatever’s in that arts and crafts closet, and pick them up the Dolls of the World folding figures.

Not only is this book a way for your kid to get crafty and make 3D paper dolls, but each doll comes from a different part of the world so your little one will also get a crash course in geography and culture while they’re playing (no future Sarah Palin’s here).

The book comes with 3 dolls: Anika, the Dutch doll, Zahra, the African doll, and Reiko, the Japanese doll. All “dressed” in traditional garb, they teach kids about some of the customs from their part of the world, so your child becomes more sensitive to multiculturalism and less like a Westboro Baptist follower when they’re older. That’s a huge, huge plus, by the way.

Once the dolls are made, kiddos can either play with them (duh, obviously), or place them on the shelf for a too-cute and totally rad addition to their bedroom. So, it’s really your choice, parents. Your offspring can either stay amused and entertained for hours with these paper dolls, or you give them a pair of scissors and some paper and they’re back complaining about boredom in a matter of minutes. Make the right decision.


  1. Hadar

    Thanks for a lovely review! We really appreciate it! Warm Regards, Hadar & Eitan- PaperCat

  2. Trish

    Enjoyed reading about the product, Dolls of the World! Very nicely written.
    Kids love this kind of thing!

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