Pascal & Newton & Einstein & Bohr Sweatshirt

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Pascal/Einstein/ Newton/Bohr Sweatshirt

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Alright, so on one hand we have the names of some of the greatest physicists who ever lived on a kid’s hoodie. While that’s already more than enough geek cred emblazoned on a single article of clothing to last your children a lifetime, let’s talk about what’s really going on here. The way these pillars of science are listed is an homage to the oft-replicated Helvetica “John & Paul & Ringo & George” tee.

That means someone out there is envisioning a crack-shot team of physicists from different time periods working together in an Avengers/Justice League-style team. Can you imagine the possibilities, if there were enough room in the lab for their egos? This is assuming the Manhattan team already has access to a time machine to go grab Issac and Blaise, and is also assuming they have a Nick Fury-type person to explain the nuances of the present day to the whole group. Everyone would have to get updates on what has developed in the world of math and science since they ducked out, then they’ll all work together to create some crazy kind of — oh, right, the hoodie. Sorry.

It’s a hooded sweatshirt for your kids, with the names of the most iconic physicists on it! It has different sizes!! What are you waiting for?!

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