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Paul Frank Car Booster Seat

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Having a case of the dreaded “numb bum” is nothing less than uncomfortable. We’ve all had it at one time or another. It’s that feeling you get when you sit too long through a meeting with your boss, or a three-hour lecture in hard, plastic/wooden chairs. To avoid this happening to your baby punkerella or to your little hair metal prince, try a seat that keeps their tushie cushy on long trips to whatever music fest you’re bringing the fam to next.

The Clek Paul Frank seat, fashioned in a lovely shade of red, is a unique car booster seat which lifts your offspring 4 in for better seat belt fit. It’s cube-shaped design is likened to that of a car seat itself, but layered with soft energy-absorbing foam that keeps a bad case of numb bum even further away. The iconic image of the Paul Frank monkey-man mascot is seen here skull and cross-boned for that extra touch of baby badassery. Definitely read the descriptions of the other great extras you get with a Paul Frank Booster Seat yourselves, because Weebsworld’s overuse of the word thingy is downright hillarryass and worth checking out.

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