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Pazitos Picaroz-Buffalo Boots

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It’s never too much of a price to pay for your little music god or goddess to be dressed in the finest rockin’ attire. So maybe bedazzling a pair of tiny boots in diamonds might be going a bit overboard (if you do have that kind of money, will you please adopt me? My Converse have holes and could benefit from a few diamonds), but if that’s what it takes to keep your spawn happy and reppin’ their favorite bands, then it’s worth the smiles and extra I love you’s.

Picaroz’s Buffalo boots are like a really nice pair of creepers: they fashion a style that normally isn’t found on toddler feet, and look unbelievably cool, in a vintage kinda way. These Buffalos are a wonderful alternative to the boring pick of mall clothes that non-alt-parents buy in bulk for their rugrats. The rad-as-funk synthetic leather toddler boots—with a stylish zebra print that screams “For Psychobilly baby girls only!”—come in cherry red, grape or silver and sport a comfy, inner “footbed” that’ll keep tantrums to a minimum. Pair these booties with a cool, polka-dot style dress, maybe some bangs, and you’ll have a perfect RockaPsychobilly Bettie.

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