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Pea Pod Fail Necklace

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It’s the most embarrassing moment in a pea’s life, falling out of that pod. Especially when two of your best friends are looking on. But why turn it into a big deal? Turn it into jewelry instead. That’s just what xDonnaxthexDeadx has done on Etsy. Pay no attention to the name, for all we know her mother named her that, so there’s no room for judging around here.

Anyway, if you have a daughter (or son, for that matter), she needs this. Sure, she could go to the mall and buy one of those sickly sweet and glittery necklaces from that overwhelming accessories store. Sure she could. But mass-made jewelry isn’t her thing, and you know this. Individuality and LOL-humor is.

This trio of sweet peas hang from a 16-inch silver chain, complete with one of those little greenies hanging from the pod, screaming OMG, as you do. They’re bright, they’re quirky and they’re just a little off-center for your little-off-center youngin.

Once you’ve shopped this quirky accessory for your child, make sure you stick around Donna the Dead’s store because there’s a handful of accessories you’ll love for yourself, too, all inspired by “nature, dead things, dead things in nature, video games, and horror.”

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